The Employer Assisted Housing Program was created to help businesses recruit and retain employees in a high cost area. Employer contributions are matched with public funding to help employees purchase and rehabilitate a home on Long Island.

When it comes to the cost of living on Long Island you might wonder if things could get any higher. More and more employers are realizing that escalating housing costs, long commutes to and from work, and heavier workloads can negatively impact employee productivity and morale. No longer reserved for executive staff, more employers are realizing the benefit of providing housing cost assistance to all levels of their workforce.

A housing assistance program could help your business by:

  • Improving employee retention
  • Adding stability to the workforce
  • Serving as a cost-effective recruitment tool
  • Reducing training costs
  • Increasing your company's competitive edge
EAHP Chart

The EAHP is available to all businesses located in or relocating to Nassau or Suffolk County. Employers will be required to provide a match of the program financing through various options, including grants, forgivable loans, deferred or repayment loans, matching savings and/or interest rate buy downs.

LIHP will tailor the program to each specific business in order to come up with a scenario that works for the organization and its employees, including the amount of the contribution. We work with professional offices, hospitals, universities, manufacturers and hosts of other employers.

Call Program Manager Melissa Wortman, at 631-435-4710 or email mwortman@lihp.org to set up a convenient time for an appointment to discuss how we can help your business continue to grow on Long Island with the help of these housing programs.