As a developer of affordable housing, the Long Island Housing Partnership will issue "requests for proposals" (RFPs) for both new construction and rehabilitation projects. The RFPs will be posted here.

If you are a builder or contractor interested in being notified about RFPs issued by the Long Island Housing Partnership, click here to fill out the contact form or call James Britz at 631-435-4710 with any questions.

In order to have your firm contacted when the Long Island Housing Partnership is soliciting bids for a housing program, you must provide the following:

  • A list of officers and stockholders
  • Biographies of officers and stockholders
  • Proof of residential building experience, including examples of residential projects conducted during the past three years; including location, number of units, project type(s) and the role of the homebuilder in each project
  • Letters of reference from three suppliers, three subcontractors and two financial institutions

Following the examination of a homebuilder's credentials, Long Island Housing Partnership's Building Review Committee will determine whether to add your firm to our list of qualified homebuilders who are notified of our programs.